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This Thanksgiving, Consider the Wellbeing of Family Farmers

Tommy Enright Wisconsin Examiner
Thanksgiving serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of our lives with the land and those who cultivate it. As we express gratitude for the abundance before us, it is incumbent upon us to advocate for policies that sustain our food system.


The American Heritage Rice Movement Is No Fluff

Cathy Erway Taste Cooking
America’s rice roots run deep, though time and time again it’s been underappreciated. The country's rice landscape is more diverse and more glorious than you might think; fresh-grown Heirloom varieties are available from family farms coast to coast.

Trump Sides With Big Agriculture Over Family Farmers

David Dayen The Nation
Tuesday, the USDA withdrew an Obama administration rule designed to protect farmers from certain predatory and retaliatory practices. The decision further immiserates family farmers who have no choice but to submit to the machinations of Big Ag processors.

North Dakota Voters Side With Family Farms and Continue 84-Year-Old Ban on Corporate Ownership

Alex McLeese Rural America - In These Times
“[Measure 1] will only drive up the price of land and rent as corporate farms expand their land base to gain ‘efficiency’ by spreading costs over more acres. This will cause farming margins to be thinner yet for all farmers and make it difficult for family farmers and especially beginning farmers to compete for land against the deep pockets of corporations.”
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