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The American Heritage Rice Movement Is No Fluff

Cathy Erway Taste Cooking
America’s rice roots run deep, though time and time again it’s been underappreciated. The country's rice landscape is more diverse and more glorious than you might think; fresh-grown Heirloom varieties are available from family farms coast to coast.

Beyond the Myth of Rural America

Daniel Immerwahr The New Yorker
Its inhabitants are as much creatures of state power and industrial capitalism as their city-dwelling counterparts.


The Curious Economics of Pick- Your-Own Farms

Shelby Vittek Ambrook Research
The U-pick business model, which relies on farm visitors to do the harvesting, has the potential to produce big profits. But its success depends on an array of uncontrollable variables.

A Slow Emancipation

Anna Wood Africa Is A Country
What peanut trading in late 19th century Senegal tells us about the fine line between slavery and freedom.


Grim Reapers

Ian Frazier New York Review of Books
Farmers waiting for federal grants at a Resettlement Administration office, North Dakota, July 1936 Mega-agriculture is destroying the Corn Belt and the Central Valley, which the country’s food system depends on. Can midsize farms survive to save it?


Cacao Makes a Comeback in Puerto Rico

Jen Ruiz Modern Farmer
In the 1900s, tax incentives lured major pharmaceutical corporations to the island. Puerto Ricans left the land for the office. But gourmet crops like cacao have enticed islanders to return to agriculture, building a burgeoning chocolate hot spot.
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