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Will the US Move Toward “Demonstration Elections”?

Van Gosse The Nation
If fascism—or even just an authoritarian regime—does happen here in November, it may look surprisingly familiar. The current Supreme Court is likely to go along with whatever bald-faced violation of constitutional norms Trump orders...

5 Lessons From Hungary: How To Fight Authoritarians

Gordon Whitman The Forge
Lessons from a convening between pro-democracy organizers from the U.S. and Hungary. Gordon Whitman explains how grassroots organizations can adapt as authoritarians change the rules of the game, and how neoliberalism paves the path for dictators.

Friday Nite Videos | March 15, 2024

Elon, Trump and Putin | The Alpha Males' Struggle. The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire - Horror in Manhattan. How Bats Carry Deadly Diseases Without Dying. The Zone of Interest | Movie. God Made a Dictator.

The Zone of Interest | Movie

From Oscar-winning director Jonathan Glazer, The Zone of Interest portrays Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss and his wife Hedwig striving to build a dream life in a house beside the camp.



Sketches From Spain: Homage to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade

Philip C. Kolin, reviewer Portside
No one is better qualified than Peter Neil Carroll to write a book of memorial poems about the valiant men and women who volunteered for the Abraham Lincoln Brigade to fight the fascists in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939.

This Week in People’s History, Feb 20–26

Poster advertising German American Bund Rally Nazis Parade in Manhattan (in 1939), Imperialists Fight Dirty (1934), Calling a Fraud a Fraud (1989), Vaccines Save Lives (1954), Outlawing Child Labor Isn't Easy (1919), Keep Calm and Carry On (1939), Hitler Takes a Slap on the Wrist (1924)

Warn Voters About the Radicalism Beyond Trump

Nancy MacLean The New Republic
The Republicans are plotting to literally rewrite the Constitution to eliminate core rights and protections. The Constitutional Convention, in the plain language of the leading organizer for it, aims “to reverse 115 years of progressivism.”


Why Some Are More Equal Than Others

Richard V Reeves Literary Review
This book, writes reviewer Reeves, "ought to be read by anyone interested in equality, and also anyone interested in people, history, God, politics, religion, nationalism, war or love."
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