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The FBI Agent and Informant Behind Fred Hampton’s Murder

Aaron J. Leonard Jacobin
Special Agent Roy Martin Mitchell was recognized in the FBI for his skill in developing informants in “the racial field.” Now we know the extent of Mitchell’s activities — including how they aided the killing of the Black Panther Party’s Fred Hampton


Trump Plan To Gut Civil Service Triggers Pushback

Tim Reid and Nathan Layne Reuters
Donald Trump has pledged to revive an executive order known as Schedule F that would give him the power, if re-elected president, to strip employment protections from tens of thousands of government civil servants, a step toward autocracy.

FISA Is the “Trust Me, Chumps!” Surveillance Act

James Bovard CounterPunch
Going back more than 20 years, FISA court rulings have complained of FBI agents lying to the court and abusing the law. As long as the FBI periodically promises to repent, the FISA court entitles them to continue decimating the Fourth Amendment.

FBI for Abuses Surveillance Tool 278,000+ Times

Jessics Corbett Common Dreams
"The FBI's systematic misuse of these resources proves that it (and the rest of the federal government) simply can't be trusted to wield this sort of power," said one campaigner. "Let 702 die."
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