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Dr. King’s Crusade, Economic Justice and Media Consolidation

Bob Hennelly Salon
King’s critique of power was never purely about race: The collapse of independent media is partly what got us here. It was the independent and radical left media that forced mainstream media to cover the civil rights movement, the anti-war movement, poverty and the fight against it. Over the last 15 years, more than half the jobs in the news industry had disappeared, media consolidation will quicken this trend.

Fake Net Neutrality Comments

Rebecca Savransky The Hill
NY AG probing ‘massive scheme’ to influence FCC with fake net neutrality comments.

The Internet Was Always A Common Carrier

Fenwick McKelvey Popular Resistance
The researchers behind this experimental communication network developed by the US government campaigned for it to become a national common carrier, making its benefits available to the broader public.

Net Neutrality Wins: The FCC will propose strong Title II regulation

T.C. Sottek The Verge
'The Internet must be fast, fair, and open.' The biggest revelation from the proposal is the decision to lump wireless networks in with wired broadband, something the FCC has avoided doing for years thanks to enormous pressure from Verizon and AT&T.

Media Bits & Bytes - Black & White & Read All Over edition

Ferguson, Brought to You by the Black Internet; NYT Gets Called Out by Its Own on Ferguson; What 1 Million Net Neutrality Comments Look Like; Boston and Big Blue Look You In the Face; CWA Challenges Local Media Consolidation; Gov't Info Plays Favorites

Net Neutrality Comments Crash FCC Website

April Glaser Electronic Frontier Foundation
A deep dive into a single issue: network neutrality and the current debate at the Federal Communications Commission around protecting the future of our open Internet.
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