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Friday Nite Videos | September 1, 2023

How Ron DeSantis Let Billionaires Destroy Florida. Jamie Raskin on Trump's Possible Disqualification. Poor Things | Movie. Adam Driver talks SAG Strike, Netflix and Amazon. AI Finally Beats Humans at a Real-life Sport — Drone Racing.

Poor Things | Movie

A 21st century feminist fantastical retelling of Frankenstein's monster. With Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, Willem DeFoe, Ramy Youssef. In theaters Sept. 8.

This Week in People’s History, May 30 . . .

In a non-union textile mill, a union organizer leads workers in a protest. Union organizer fired for insubordination. In 1779, no peace for Native Americans. Sojourner Truth takes her new name. Child labor on the rise. "No nukes" on Long Island. Boston says NO! to slave-catchers. Anti-slavery novel is a best-seller.

Cancelling Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

Mary Anne Trasciatti Labor and Working Class History Association
Republican lawmakers in New Hampshire had a marker at Elizabeth Gurley Flynn's childhood home removed just two weeks after it was unveiled, arguing that Flynn did not deserve such recognition because she was “un-American.”
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