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Leave No Trace Is a Shattering, Essential Drama

David Sims The Atlantic
Leave No Trace is a film about living off the grid in America, but not as a political act or as a desperate struggle to survive. It’s a story of a family seeking harmony with the land, and with their country.


The Breadwinner Review – A Girl’s Courage on the Streets of Kabul

Mark Kermode The Guardian
An Irish-Canadian-Luxembourgish co-production, adapted from Deborah Ellis’s much-loved YA novel, it’s a tale of youthful fortitude in Taliban-era Afghanistan that has something of the defiant feminist spirit of the French-Iranian gem Persepolis.


A Working-Class Filmmaker Is Something to Be: An Interview with Michael Moore

Ed Rampell The Progressive
The droll conceit of "Where to Invade Next" is that the Joint Chiefs of Staff “summon” Michael to the Pentagon and deploy him to “invade” countries around the world. But instead of looting them of their natural resources, such as oil, Moore brings their best ideas—including free university education, expanded leisure time, worker representation on boards of directors, school reform, punishment of bankers for recklessly wrecking economies, prison reform, back to the US.


"Cesar Chavez" the Film Premiers in New York City

Melissa Castellanos Latin Post
The new film, which won the Audience Award at SXSW last week, tells the story of the iconic labor leader's fight to unionize farm workers, the inception of the United Farm Workers of America, and highlights the fight for better pay and conditions for farm laborers in the fields of California. "Cesar Chavez," which was screened at the White House on Wednesday, hits theaters March 28th.

Wes Anderson and the Old Regime

by Eileen Jones Jacobin Magazine
With The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson has reached the dizzying point of fantasizing about feeling nostalgic for nostalgia itself.

All in for Inequality for All

By Kathy M. Newman Working-Class Perspectives: Commentary on Working-Class Culture, Education, and Politics
Inequality for All might convert a few, but, more importantly, it will give strength to all of us who are on the front lines of reversing income disparity in the U.S. and beyond.
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