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Palestinian Films in These Difficult Times

Bill Meyer Hollywood Progressive
As the horror continues and multiplies in Palestine/Gaza we are all trying to arm ourselves with as many historical facts as possible to try to understand the complicated history of the Middle East, specifically Palestinian/Jewish relations.


What Do John Gotti and Donald Trump Have in Common?

Bill Fletcher, Jr. Liberation Road
" Wouldn’t people have understood precisely who he was?  The answer is simple:  Yes, they understood who he was, and they did not care--until two things happened. First, he fell out of style. And second, the brutality of the man became undeniable."


‘The Last Black Man in San Francisco’ - Lost in a Dream City

Manohla Dargis The New York Times
In “The Last Black Man in San Francisco,” the desire for home is at once existential and literal, a matter of self and safety, being and belonging. This is, of course, part of the story of being black in the United States.
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