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No matter who else and what else makes an appearance, this movie is really about the children. And it's about time.

How to Help Irma's and Climate Change Victims

Hurricane Irma struck last week. Now, the people of Florida, of the Caribbean, of Cuba, they need your help and solidarity. Here are ways you can help rebuild Florida, help the frontline and people of color communities, help the Immokalee Farmworkers, who were amongst the hardest hit, and the poorest; and how you can help the Cuban people, whose doctors are out there helping others in the Caribbean. Please do what you can.

Challenging the Death Penalty in the South

Rebekah Barber Facing South
In every Southern state with the death penalty activists are working to abolish it. They include civil rights activists who focus on the system's racial bias, faith leaders who view the work as part of their ministry, and even family members of victims who seek closure but not vengeance.


Florida NAACP, Labor Unite to Push ‘Moral’ Legislative Agenda

William Patrick Florida Watchdog
"Moral Mondays" movement spreads in South as a coalition of the NAACP, other activist organizations, including unions, rallied Monday in Tallahassee, one day ahead of the opening of Florida's 2014 legislative session.


Labor Takes Historic Stride Forward as Walmart Joins Fair Food Program

Barry Estabrook Civil Eats
The Fair Food Program is unique in that it creates a legal framework linking laborers, tomato farm owners, and final purchasers of tomatoes. The purchasers have agreed to pay an additional penny per pound for the tomatoes they buy. In turn, the producers pass that penny directly along to the workers. A penny-a-pound might sound like a pittance, but it represents a 50 percent raise, the difference between making $50 and $80 a day.

Tidbits - December 19, 2013

Reader Comments - Healthcare; Faculty Unions; NATO and the Ukraine; State Surveillance; Venezuela; Nelson Mandela, South Africa and SACP; MSNBC labor dispute; Germany; Voter Fraud in Iowa - 0.00075%; New Books - Rosa Luxemburg; Diners Guide to Ethical Eating; Jobs with Justice; A Letter from Leslie Cagan, Phyllis Bennis, Bill Fletcher & Other UFPJ Founders
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