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Can the Yellow Vests Speak?

Édouard Louis Translation by David Broder Jacobin
France's elites were quick to condemn the gilets jaunes protesters as stupid and backward. But as novelist Édouard Louis writes, they're just standing up for their rights.


Review: Occupied Season 2

Dan Slevin Radio New Zealand
When the first season of Occupied was on screen the Russians were a fictional threat. Has reality caught up with the conceit?

Why Capitalism is Addicted to Oil and Coal

Martin Empson Climate & Capitalism
"FOSSIL CAPITAL" The Rise of Steam Power and the Roots of Global Warming, Verso Books, 2016 By Andreas Malm. Reviewed by Martin Empson

‘Keep It in the Ground’ Victory: BLM Utah Halts Oil and Gas Lease Sale

Sage Grouse Rebel Canyon Country Rising Tide
Dozens of citizens were planning to protest the auction Tuesday morning in Salt Lake City. Instead, they will celebrate the Bureau’s decision to postpone the auction of 73,000 acres of publicly owned oil and gas in Utah — which harbor an estimated 1.6 – 6.6 million tons of potential greenhouse gas pollution. The planned protest had been led by elders calling on the BLM to act to prevent catastrophic climate change and to ensure a livable future for generations to come.
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