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Koch World

Tom Gallagher Los Angeles Review of Books
Mayer charts the domestic far-right effort to remake the political system through foundations, think tanks, university institutes, paid political commentators and huge campaign contributions by heirs to energy giant Koch Industries. One strategist admitted, "We want to decrease regulations. Why? It's because we can make more profit, okay?" Yet selling that line is hard. So they pose that ameliorative legislation denies the "opportunity for earned success" to the poor.

How Billionaires Use Non-Profits to Bypass Governments and Force Their Agendas on Humanity

Sarah Lazare Alternet
As wealth becomes concentrated in fewer hands, so does political and social power via foundations and non-profits. In the January issue of the New York Review of Books, veteran journalist Michael Massing noted that, in the past 15 years alone, “the number of foundations with a billion dollars or more in assets has doubled, to more than eighty.” A study by the watchdog organization Global Policy Forum, finds that foundations are so powerful they bypass governments and UN.
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