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Cuba: So Close You Could Almost Swim There

Diana Nyad Huffington Post
I can say that in the dozens of times I have visited Cuba, since my first try to swim from country to country back in 1978, I have never once seen a homeless person. I have found a population of educated, polite, intelligent, fit, musical, athletic, compassionate, philosophical, seemingly happy people. So there was a time that I defended Fidel's original vision, that I joined many who touted his success in taking the majority from third world to second world.

Toni Morrison and Angela Davis on Friendship And Creativity

Dan White Univerity of California Santa Cruz News Center
UC Santa Cruz Review writer Dan White had separate in-depth conversations this summer with Toni Morrison and Angela Davis about their past collaboration, their longstanding friendship, and their bedrock belief in the power of literature. Davis introduced Morrison while she was in Santa Cruz to deliver the Peggy Downes Baskin Ethics Lecture at the Rio Theater on October 25. The subject: “Literature and the Silence of Goodness.”

Upgrading Travel to Cuba in the New Year

John McAuliff Huffington Post
Last January Cuba gave greater freedom to it citizens than Americans possess when it abolished rules requiring government authorization of travel. Will the president respond and open the door further for us in the New Year?
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