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Sex and Gender Diversity Is Growing Across the US

Georgiann Davis The Conversation
Despite the challenges sex- and gender-diverse people face, their numbers will keep growing as sex- and gender-diverse movements get stronger, more people gain access to the internet and connect with other marginalized sex- and gender-diverse people.

Scans Prove There’s No Such Thing As a ‘Male’ or ‘Female’ Brain

Jessica Hamzelou New Scientist
The idea that people have either a “female” or “male” brain is an old one. To test the theory, scientists looked for differences in brain scans of 1400 people. They found that very few people had all of the brain features they might be expected to have, based on their sex. Averaged across many people, sex differences in brain structure do exist, but an individual brain is likely to be just that: individual, with a mix of features.
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