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The Fading Meaning of ‘GMO'

James Hamblin The Atlantic
The National Academy of Sciences is urging people to focus less on the process and more on the product.

The Only Way to Save Your Beloved Bananas Might Be Genetic Engineering

Maddie Oatman Mother Jones
A nasty and incurable fungus has spread through the banana-producing countries around the world, and it could be making its way straight toward banana heartland: Latin America, which produces 80 percent of the world's exports, threatening to drive the most popular variety of banana to extinction. So scientists are focusing on building a better banana to withstand the fungal assault.

The Science of Jurassic World

Michael Shermer Huffington Post
Subtly, but poignantly, the science of Jurassic World sneaks in evolutionary biology without calling it that. Go see Jurassic World and learn some science, but mostly just have a good adventure.

HIV Gene Therapy Using GM Cells Hailed a Success After Trial

Ian Sample The Guardian
A radical new gene therapy for HIV using genetically modified cells mimics a rare but natural mutation that makes about 1% of the population resistant to the most common strains of HIV. Scientists were cautious not to draw strong conclusions from the small scale trial, which was designed to assess the safety of the therapy, but the early signs have raised their hopes.
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