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Discriminatory Congressional Maps Will Remain in Place

Marilyn W. Thompson ProPublica
With control of the House of Representatives hanging in the balance, the time-consuming appeals process means elections in multiple districts will take place using maps that have been challenged as discriminatory to voters of color.

Will the US Move Toward “Demonstration Elections”?

Van Gosse The Nation
If fascism—or even just an authoritarian regime—does happen here in November, it may look surprisingly familiar. The current Supreme Court is likely to go along with whatever bald-faced violation of constitutional norms Trump orders...

New Wisconsin Maps May End GOP Gerrymandering

Megan O’Matz ProPublica
Under legal pressure to address Wisconsin’s “Swiss cheese” and oddly shaped districts, the Legislature approved redrawn maps that promise to create a new dynamic in a state known for its pivotal role in national politics.

Justices in Wisconsin Order New Legislative Maps

Julie Bosman New York Times
The ruling, coming just months after liberals gained a 4-to-3 majority on the State Supreme Court, could undo gerrymanders that have given Republicans lopsided control of the State Legislature.

Anatomy of a North Carolina Gerrymander

Michael Li, Peter Miller, Gina Feliz Brennan Center for Justice
A new congressional map takes the Tar Heel State from having one of the fairest maps in the country to its most biased — and voters of color are among the big victims.
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