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Tidbits - April 14, 2016 - Reader Comments: Mine Safety; Panama Papers Fallout; Chicago Police Spying; Minimum Wage Hikes; Bernie, Hillary; whites and the working class; and more

Reader Comments: Panama Papers fallout; Controversy over whites as part of the working class; Mine Safety and Blankenship Jail Sentence; Minimum wage hikes discussion; Bernie and labor, Wisconsin victory; Wall Street and Glass-Steagall; Hillary and labor, Wall Street and fracking; Pope Francis; Announcements: Gerald Horne book signings - Baltimore, Washington and New York; China Labor Relations; Communists in the Civil Rights Movement

Why Bernie’s Right About Glass-Steagall

Edward Morris History News Network
Sanders believes that the repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999 led to the formation of banks that became “too big to fail,” contributed to the financial crisis in 2008—and will lead to another crisis without corrective legislation. And he has a strong argument, one that can be effectively made using Citigroup, the two-century old bank that has a history of wreaking havoc on itself and the economy when it mixes commercial banking with with investment banking.
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