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Friday Nite Videos | February 23, 2024

Supreme Court Ethics | John Oliver. Alabama’s New Reproductive Law Considers Embryos Children. American Fiction | Movie. How 2023 Broke Our Climate Models with Neil deGrasse Tyson & Gavin Schmidt. Gaza.

Friday Nite Videos | February 16, 2024

Jordan Klepper in South Carolina. One Piece at a Time (Johnny Cash / Song Parody). The Greatest Misinformation Campaign in History. PSA: “This Is F***ed Up” | Fani Willis Is Not On Trial. Why Do Amazonian People Have Some Australasian DNA?

Should We Be Afraid of Atmospheric Rivers?

Qian Cao The Conversation
With flooding and mudslides in California, a hydrologist explains the good and bad of atmospheric rivers, and how they are being affected by global warming


Which Ice Melts Faster?

Everett Cruz Dear Human at the Edge of Time
As the ice melts at the global poles, Texas poet Everett Cruz laments our leaders plead for their votes at the polls but ignore the results.

Nowhere To Run

Rebecca Gordon Tom Dispatch
Where Will the World Find Refuge in 2024?

Climate 2023: Silencing the Messengers

Owen Jones Guardian
2023 was the year governments looked at the climate crisis – and decided to persecute the activists. But around the world, the people fighting for the survival of our planet.

We WILL Fix Climate Change!

The future looks grim. Giving up seems the only sensible thing to do. But that’s not true. You are not doomed.

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