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Thinking Dialectically: What Grace Lee Boggs Taught Me

Robin D.G. Kelley Praxis Center
Robin D.G. Kelley's searching tribute to Grace Lee Boggs: She never gave up on our capacity to think and act and think more deeply. She relentlessly and lovingly pushed us with the force and precision of the expert dialectician we all knew her to be.

The (R)evolutionary Vision and Contagious Optimism of Grace Lee Boggs

Barbara Ransby In These Times
Grace Lee Boggs died yesterday at the age of 100. Boggs' love for humanity ran strong and deep, serving as a generative force for creating change. She was not a part of an elite intelligentsia. She lived in a modest little house on an even more modest income. She never held a tenured university job. She believed that ordinary people, not academics, had the power to understand their lives and to change the world with that understanding.
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