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Apartheid by Another Name

Laura Burocco Il Manifesto Global
The fire in a Johannesburg building killing 73 people is the result of decades of disastrous housing policies and the criminalization of poverty in South Africa.

Doctors in Britain Go on Four-Day Strike

Sachin Ravikumar Reuters
Junior doctors in Britain began a four-day strike over pay on Tuesday that is likely to cause unprecedented disruption to the state-funded National Health Service (NHS), prompting the government to warn of a risk to patient safety.

How Many More Kids Will Britain Send to War?

Pádraig Ó Meiscill Red Pepper
The Northern Ireland Troubles bill shows the British government learnt nothing from the killing of Aidan McAnespie and the conflict in Ireland

Friday Nite Videos | September 9, 2022

How Do We Explain This to Our Allies? | Justice Is Coming for Steve Bannon. Song Across America Blues | Playing for Change. Why Did Music Evolve? - 4 Hypotheses. The State of Tory Britain Under Liz Truss? Terrible. The Boys: Season 3.

Friday Nite Videos | July 8, 2022

Coup Mobile: America's Most Reliable Network for Insurrectionists. Bye, Bye Boris. How Abortion Bans Make Inequality Worse. How to Defeat Republicans' Autocracy Strategy. Meet the Microbes That Could Eat Your Trash.

Bye, Bye Boris

The King of Lies is finally dethroned ... opening a path for one of his enablers. Remind you of anyone?

Let Them Eat (Jubilee) Cake

Laura Clancy Red Pepper
It is not just that inequalities are being sharpened alongside the existence of monarchy, but rather that the inequality inherent to systems of monarchy provide the conditions for inequality within wider society. 
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