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The EU Is in Bad Shape, and Left-Wing Forces Are in Crisis

Roberto Musacchio Transform! Europe
We are on the brink of a precipice, which the World risks falling into. We need a radical, left-wing exit route. Italy should contribute in the European elections with an electoral list concentrated on the theme that marks the dividing line: Peace.

Syriza’s New Leader. Game Over for the Left?

Dimitra Kyrillou The Left Berlin
Syriza was already in the trajectory of transforming into a “modern” European social democratic party that has disengaged from a commitment to organised members, grassroots organisations and bodies elected by and accountable to the rank and file.


A Newly Translated Novel Captures the Tragedy of Greek Communism

Tadhg Larabee Jacobin
Written in 1972, during Greece’s military junta, leftist Marios Chakkas’s recently translated novel The Commune is a mournful testament from a world where the stakes of politics were communism or fascism, democracy or dictatorship.
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