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Handling Hardship: Data on Economic Insecurity Among Amazon Warehouse Workers

Sanjay Pinto, Beth Gutelius Center for Urban Economic Development - University of Illinois, Chicago
Our data indicate that roughly half of Amazon’s frontline warehouse workers are struggling with food and housing insecurity and being able to pay their bills. That’s not what economic security looks like.

Ozempic Is a Brain Drug

Sarah Zhang The Atlantic
The latest weight loss drugs succeeded not because we fully understood the hormone they’re based on but because we got lucky. And drug development, for all the careful research required, does sometimes come down to luck.

Your Body Already Has Its Own Version of Ozempic

Christopher Damman The Conversation
Despite our great aspiration for quick fixes, it’s very possible that a healthy lifestyle remains the most important way to manage metabolic disease and overall health

How To Eat Carbs (Without Regrets)

Christopher Damman The Conversation
Fiber is your body’s natural guide to weight management – rather than cutting carbs out of your diet, eat them in their original fiber packaging instead

The Catastrophe of American Health Care

Abby Cartus Abby Cartus
Our current system defines health as the ability to work. Those who can’t are abandoned and exploited. If you’re too sick to work, you will be forced into poverty twice over: First by the loss of wages, and second, if lucky, by SSDI, or poverty.
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