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Choosing to Study Medicine in Cuba

Anakwa Dwamena The New Yorker
The Latin American School of Medicine, or E.L.A.M., was established by the Cuban government, in 1999. All of the students are international. Many come from Asia, Africa, and the United States, coming from low-income and marginalized communities.


Marta Russel's Legacy and the Political Economy of Disability

Bridget Broderick International Socialist Review
The late Marta Russell was singular in viewing the marginalization of people with disabilities through the lens of political economy. The book's contributors offer a body of work that builds on her legacy and on the rising political insurgency of people with disabilities.

Israel’s Systematic Violence Against Palestinian Women

Greg Shupak The Electronic Intifada
The institutionalized destruction of Palestinian women’s lives has thus been an essential feature of the Israeli project. In this regard, Israeli settler-colonialism can be seen as intrinsically anti-feminist and a form of gendered violence.


California Nurses Union Leader RoseAnn DeMoro Retiring, But Remains ‘On Call’

Joe Garofoli San Francisco Chronicle
Nobody would call RoseAnn DeMoro, who transformed the California Nurses Association into one of the state’s most powerful political forces and a national player, retiring. But on Sunday, she will retire from the organization she has led for 32 years, saying she leaves the union “100 percent” ready to fight its battles.

Despite Republican Claims, Medicaid Work Requirements Would Hurt People With Disabilities

Robyn Powell Rewire
Although he has not yet imposed any explicit cuts, on January 11, the Trump administration took another step toward undercutting these essential social programs: It issued guidance allowing states to impose work requirements on Medicaid beneficiaries. This staggering and unprecedented change in health-care policy is expected to adversely affect millions of people in the United States, particularly those with disabilities.
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