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Protest Legacy in US History and 10 Proposal for Social Movements

David A. Horowitz Portside
Social justice protest offers an indispensable and even inspiring view of US history. At the same time, movements for social change must be placed within their historical and social context. In truth, activists often have to rely on middle-class alliances in and out of the political establishment while forging compromises, even unsavory ones, before achieving success.


Political Revolutionaries, International Conspiracies, and the Fearful, Frenzied Elites

Andrew Benedict-Nelson Los Angeles Review of Books
Repression visited on social movements by conservative ruling elites has always been accompanied by a heavy dose of paranoia on the part of both the upper classes and their supporters. Adam Zamoyski has written a new history of this phenomenon, showing how it was a staple of early 19th Century European politics. In this review, Andrew Benedict-Nelson takes a look at this entertaining and intriguing story.
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