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Strategy in the Time of MAGA: Block and Build

Max Elbaum Common Dreams
A GOP presidential and congressional win in 2024 would bring a national abortion ban, national right to work law; more tax cuts for the rich; an eliminationist program for transgender people; Jim Crow 2; a new McCarthyism and COINTELPRO for the left.

Tidbits – June 8, 2023 – Reader Comments: Why I Voted No on the McCarthy Agreement; Supreme Court Rulings; Henry Kissinger; Ukraine War; UPS Strike?; Karl Marx Critics; Wealthiest Billionaire in Each State; Bill Fletcher’s New Novel; Cartoons;

Reader Comments: Why I voted no on the McCarthy agreement; Supreme Court rulings; Henry Kissinger; Ukraine War; UPS Ready To Strike; Karl Marx’s Critics; Wealthiest Billionaire in Each State; Bill Fletcher's New Novel; Cartoons; more....

Weaponizing the Debt Limit Should Not Be Normalized

Josh Bivens and Samantha Sanders Economic Policy Institute
President Biden should do “whatever it takes” to avoid an economic catastrophe. House GOP-led efforts are to blame for the impending debt crisis. In 2011, the GOP’s demands for massive spending cuts sabotaged the Great Recession recovery.
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