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Building on the Best of New York’s Social Housing Policy

Jonathan Tarleton Jacobin
The New York state legislature is calling for the revival of Mitchell-Lama, a program that built over 160,000 affordable housing units in the mid-20th century. It’s a welcome proposal — but we need bigger ambitions for social housing policy today.

The National Fight for Rent Control

Oksana Mironova Protean
Rent control is back from the dead with a vengeance, with serious organizing campaigns underway in at least 15 states.

A Prescription for Housing?

Rachel M. Cohen Vox
States prepare to use Medicaid for rental assistance for the first time. With rents growing to their most unaffordable levels ever, some states are preparing to use federal Medicaid dollars in the hopes that health will improve as housing stabilizes.

It’s Going To Be a Long Winter for Immigrants in Tents

Luis Feliz Leon Curbed
Recent immigrants are housed in tents at Floyd Bennett Field in New York City. “The tents are not safe for children in any weather, and families should never have been placed at this site,” said a staff attorney at the Legal Aid Society.
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