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The World’s Moral Failure in Gaza

Graça Machel Project Syndicate
Madiba (Mandela) always considered Palestinian liberation key to achieving a just and free world for all. How can any of us speak credibly of universal human rights and the international rule of law when we permit brutality and occupation to continue

30,000 Reasons: Argentines Uphold Memory in the Streets

Daniel Cholakian NACLA Reports
March 24 commemorates the victims of state terrorism in Argentina. As President Javier Milei defends perpetrators of genocide, remembering becomes a form of resisting far-right and denialist policies.


Green Jobs in Agriculture in Guatemala: How Close Are They?

Luis Linares Equal Times
The creation of green jobs in agriculture requires state action to protect natural resources, encouraging sustainable practices to prevent pollution, while at the same time ensuring compliance with labour legislation and workers’ fundamental rights.

This Week in People’s History, Dec 5–11

Union pickets outside Republic Windows and Doors Factory Si, Se Puede! (in 2008), Exposing FBI Crimes (1973), Bartenders Win Half a Loaf (1948), Great Art at Greater Prices (1933), Don't Forget the Genocide Convention (1948), Don't Forget Human Rights, Either (1948), $1 Million Is Chump Change

Political Crisis in Guatemala Intensifies

Jeff Abbott The Progressive
The recent arrests of opposition candidates, students, and professors have a haunting resonance in Latin America. Nearly three dozen journalists, activists, judges, prosecutors, investigators, and former government officials have been forced to flee.
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