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The Palestinian Struggle for Labor Rights in Israel

Jaclynn Ashly Jacobin
Palestinian workers whose underpaid labor provides part of Israel’s low-cost workforce. Their stories of organizing amid ethnic cleansing shed light on how this work is a crucial lifeline for Palestinians — now severed by the devastation of war.

On the Centenary of Lenin’s Death

Ruth Wilson Gilmore Verso
What do Lenin's writings show us about theory breaking into practice, and how might the politics explained or implied in these writings inform our grasp of what is to be done now? How are his concepts of imperialism and self-determination relevant? 

Gas, Gaza, and Western Imperialism

Tara Alami Mondoweiss
The theft of natural resources all rests on the larger backdrop of the Zionist settler-colonial project and its function as an imperialist proxy.

This Week in People’s History, Dec 12–18

1906 cartoon of a Congolese worker being assaulted by a snake wearing the King of Belgium's crown The Heart of Darkness (in 1903), Racism on the Bench (1893), Terror in Lancaster, Pa. (1763), Physician, Heal Thyself (1973), No Taxation Without Representation (1773), Will Sex Work Ever Be Made Safe? (2003), Cleveland Sinks in Red Ink (1978)

On Four Global Contradictions

Bill Fletcher Jr., Jerry Harris Convergence
Having an analytical framework to understand the key relationships that define the social conditions and political battles we face can guide us in formulating our strategy and tactics on every level—from local to global.
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