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Intel’s $3.5 Billion Boondoggle

Austin Ahlman The American Prospect
The microchip giant’s ‘secure enclave’ project will take nearly 10 percent of a CHIPS Act manufacturing fund that is already stretched thin.


Industrial Policy Isn’t a Panacea for Rebuilding Organized Labor

David Karas Jacobin
Faced with China’s rise, Western states are turning from free trade dogmas to active industrial policies. This turn may offer opportunities for labor — but as the electric auto industry shows, it is also producing a harmful logic of national rivalri

What Do We Learn About Capitalism From Chip War?

Rahul Varman Monthly Review
Silicon chips power everything from cars and toys to phones and nukes. “Chip War,” by Chris Miller, recounts the rise of the chip industry and the outsize geopolitical implications of its ascendancy.

French General Strike; One Year of the Yellow Vests in France

Cole Stangler; Richard Greeman The Guardian
French workers cherish their welfare state. That’s why they’re striking. Macron’s proposed retirement reforms are latest attempt to erode the safety net. The people are fighting back. First anniversary of Yellow Vest uprising marks an historic moment

Tidbits - March 22, 2018 - Reader Comments: Iraq War - 15 Years Later; Industrial Policy or Tariffs, Teachers; Prisons; Iran War?; Readers Debate Churchill, Stalin; Puerto Rico; Social Movements; Remembering Sharpeville; and more....

Reader Comments: Iraq War - 15 Years Later; Labor, Industrial Policy, Tariffs, Teachers(West Virginia, Florida, Arizona); Prisons; Iran War?; Readers Debate Churchill, Stalin; Capitalism and Racism; Puerto Rico; Resource-Social Movements; Announcements; Remembering Sharpeville; and more....
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