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Time for a Victory Lap?

Joseph E. Stiglitz The American Prospect
Those who believed inflation would be transitory were proven right, and those who demanded the sacrifice of mass unemployment proven wrong.

Wages and Prices: Who Is Keeping Up With What?

Dean Baker Center for Economic and Policy Research
Since President Biden took office, the media have run a constant stream of news stories about how high various prices were and telling their audiences that this has led to mass suffering.

Why Mainstream Economics Got Inflation Wrong

James K. Galbraith Project Syndicate
Leading economists' misdiagnosis of inflation in 2021-22 was the latest episode in a long-running series of failures. Either mainstream economists need to re-examine their core beliefs, or the profession needs a new mainstream.

The Missing Inflation Data

Matt Stoller The Lever
The Biden administration is getting bad data and bad advice — but there’s a way out.


The Inflation Reality and the Attack on Wages

Arthur MacEwan Dollars and Sense
Inflation has been slowing but mainstream news reports that it is still high, and the Fed continues to talk about "high wages," and is raising interest rates to slow the economy and stop wage growth.
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