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Friday Nite Videos | March 29, 2024

Jordan Klepper on Dealing With Jan 6 Rioters. AOC on Looming Famine in Gaza, Will the ICJ's New Orders Help the People of Gaza? What Dollar General Doesn’t Want You To Know. What the Red Sea Ship Attacks Are Really About.

Don’t Turn Away From the Charges of Genocide Against Israel

Megan K. Stack New York Times
With the question of whether Israel is committing genocide in Gaza now before the International Court of Justice, the Biden administration has struck a tone of glib dismissal. The administration’s posture of indifference strains credulity.

Will the ICJ Find Israel Guilty of Genocide?

Meron Rapoport 972 Magazine
Israeli human rights attorney Michael Sfard outlines what could play out as the world’s top court decides if and how to intervene in Israel’s war on Gaza.
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