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What Did We Know – and When Did We Know It?

Rebecca Gordon TomDispatch
This capacity to predict the future is beginning to feel a bit déjà-vu-ish. It’s not too hard to foresee the approaching catastrophe in Gaza. In our presidential election, we are facing the potential elevation of a genuine instrument of fascism.

How the Media Failed the College Student Encampments

Sarah Baum he Progressive Magazine
The focus on Columbia University has overshadowed the extent of protests—and police brutality—at public schools. Those charged with occupying a Columbia building are facing misdemeanors, while those charged with occupying CCNY buildings face felonies

Remembering the Holocaust While Gaza Starves

Ariel Dorfman New Lines Magazine
A ceremony at an old food market in Amsterdam prompts reflections on tragedy, indifference and survival. How could so many Israelis feel indifferent to such grief and afflictions — that recalled how so many Germans had turned a blind eye to the Nazis


Israel’s Descent

Adam Shatz London Review of Books
Exterminationist violence is almost always preceded by other forms of persecution, which aim to render the victims as miserable as possible, including plunder, denial of the franchise, ghettoization, ethnic cleansing and racist dehumanization.

How Israel’s Illiberal Democracy Became a Model for the Right

Suzanne Schneider Dissent
Israel maintains a system of unequal citizenship system for Jewish and Palestinian Israelis. This version of democracy has long prevailed in Israel, and the Jewish state’s supporters now offer it as a blueprint for the right around the world.

Israel, Russia, and International Law

Lawrence S. Wittner Froeign Policy in Focus
National impunity is not inevitable, at least if people and governments of the world are willing to take the necessary actions.

The Anti-War Left Makes Inroads in Israel

Interview by Federico Fuentes Links
Standing Together’s national field organizer Uri Weltmann discusses the growing peace movement inside Israel, confronting far-right extremists seeking to disrupt humanitarian aid going to the Gaza Strip, and the left’s recent electoral breakthroughs
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