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Will They Crush the Biggest Student Movement Since Vietnam?

Jewish Voice for Peace Jewish Voice for Peace
In a matter of days, dozens of Gaza solidarity encampments have sprung up on over a hundred university campuses across the U.S. It’s the biggest student movement since the anti-war protests that swept U.S. universities in the 1960s.

Tidbits – May 2 – Reader Comments: UAW’s Fain in Solidarity With Students; Letter to Columbia Pres Shafik; Students Need Our Support Now; Anti-Zionism in the Jewish Community; Research Tools for Organizers; Setting a Larger Table-Religion & Socialism

Reader Comments: UAW's Sean Fain in Solidarity with Students; Letter to Columbia President Shafik; Students need our support now; Anti-Zionism in the Jewish Community; Research Tools for Organizers; Setting a Larger Table - Religion & Socialism; more

We Need an Exodus From Zionism

Naomi Klein The Guardian
This Passover, we don’t need or want the false idol of Zionism. We want freedom from the project that commits genocide in our name

Friday Nite Videos | April 26, 2024

Supreme Court Update: It's as Bad as You Think. Rainbow Connection (Donald Trump Song Parody). The Next Worker Uprising: Daimler Truck & Thomas Built. Wait! I Said DE-Escalate! Can AI Help Us Talk to Whales?

Wait! I Said DE-Escalate!

As protests for Gaza ramp up on college campuses, the de-escalation effort doesn't seem to

The Two-State Solution Is an Unjust, Impossible Fantasy

Tareq Baconi New York Times
The Two-State solution mantra has allowed policymakers to avoid confronting the reality that partition is unattainable in the case of Israel and Palestine, and illegitimate as an arrangement originally imposed on Palestinians without their consent.
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