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Toronto Picketers at Pratt and Whitney

Labour Against the Arms Trade and World Beyond War The Bullet
The picket of Pratt & Whitney Canada answers the global call issued by 32 Palestinian trade unions to stop arming Israel. In recent weeks, workers from Australia to Italy, the UK and the US have responded.

How Israel Got an Enless Supply of U.S.-Made Smart Bombs

Ari Tolany, Lillian Mauldin, Janet Abou-Elias and Women for Weapons Trade Transparency In these Times
Older man waking amidst the rubble from bombing Nearly three years ago, Congress gave Israel a pass to stockpile precision-guided bombs "without regard to annual limits." An inside source confirms that even more have been transferred since October 7.

If the Coronavirus Devastates Gaza, Israel Will Be to Blame

Jonathan Cook Mondoweiss
Palestinian artists paint a mural on a wall in Gaza. Gaza, strangled by a 13-year Israeli blockade and scarred by a decade of Israeli military assaults, lacks clean water and electricity. Its Palestinian population has only rudimentary medical care. And that was before the attack of the coronavirus.

Carte Blanche for War Crimes Passes Senate Unanimously

William Boardman Reader Supported News
Logically enough, under present conditions of mostly indiscriminate killing, the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva met in special session to consider this war crimes question on July 23. The council reviewed and later adopted a resolution captioned: “Ensuring respect for international law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.” The lone vote against the commission of inquiry was the United States.
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