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We Were Warned Again and Again – We Did Nothing

Nicoletta Dentico Il Manifesto Global
The international community—which never has any problem committing great resources in the pursuit of war —has never done anything to prepare for the possibility of pandemics. Nothing at all.

Friday Nite Videos | March 13, 2020

Six Key Issues Where Sanders Continues to Fight. Trump’s Coronavirus Address, Blooper Reel Included. Sorry We Missed You | Movie. Italy: Solidarity in Song. Katie Porter Secures Free Coronavirus Testing for All Americans.

The Epidemic is Both a Challenge and an Opportunity

Tommaso Di Francesco Il Manifesto Global
The coronavirus epidemic sends out the message that in the current very serious health crisis, representative government is absolutely necessary. It is necessary as a power of democratic control, for the protection of the common good.

The Sardines are a Wakeup Call for the Left

Norma Rangeri Il Manifesto Global
It is as if the people as a democratic entity have just awakened from their slumber, casting aside the weight of a feeling of powerlessness and depression. They are giving us a priceless Christmas present: a shot of real positivity.
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