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John Fetterman Exits the Progressive Coalition

Ross Barkan Political Currents
"I'm not a progressive. I'm just a regular Democrat." Fetterman is in the first year of a six-year term. He has time to repair relations with progressives or sever ties altogether. At this point, the latter is rapidly happening anyway.

In Gaza and Israel, Side With the Child Over the Gun

Naomi Klein The Guardian
Some continue to minimize massacres of Israeli civilians - this only fuels militant Zionism. What could lessen its power, drain it of some of that fuel? True solidarity. Humanism that unites people across ethnic and religious lines.

Seeking Understanding Amidst the Horror in Israel/Palestine

Rabbi Brant Rosen Shalom Rav
The Jewish community is now with a profound moral challenge. Even as we mourns our dead in Israel, we must acknowledge and protest the genocide Israel is currently perpetrating in their memory in no uncertain terms.


The Bund: A Graphic History of Jewish Labour Resistance

Henry Chamberlain Comic's Grinder
"The Bund was a phenomenal uprising of people doing the right thing at a critical time when it was needed most...Think of The Bund as a coalition, a movement, people power at its best."

Tidbits – Sept. 7, 2023 – Reader Comments: Correction; Trump Use of Scottsboro; Conservative Plan To Dismantle Govt; UAW Message to Big 3; 88% People Under 30 View Unions Favorably; Solidarity Rally With UAW; JOIN MARCH TO END FOSSIL FUELS – Sept 17

Reader Comments: Correction; Trump Use of Scottsboro Case; Conservative Plan To Dismantle Govt; UAW Message to Ford and Big 3; 88% people under 30 view unions favorably; Solidarity Rally with UAW; JOIN THE MARCH TO END FOSSIL FUELS -- September 17


The Writers Who Went Undercover To Show America Its Ugly Side

Samuel G. Freedman The Atlantic
In the 1940s, a series of books tried to use the conventions of detective fiction to expose the degree of prejudice in postwar America. Their books — along with Sinatra’s song and film; Richard Wright’s memoir, coincided with a surge of activism.
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