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Biden’s Civilian Climate Corps Comes Straight Out of the New Deal

Kate Yoder Grist
The Green New Deal is all about a jobs and justice approach to climate policies, so I think that the new climate corps proposal really encapsulates that. One of the most popular programs from the New Deal is making a comeback, nearly 90 years later.


Unions Worry Uptick in Automated Jobs Will Go Beyond Pandemic

Olivia Rockeman, James Attwood and Joe Deaux Bloomberg
To maintain productivity and safety, some jobs are installing robot coworkers. Labor unions worry that the robots will continue to occupy jobs after the pandemic ends while others say they will free up workers for other positions.

The War Against the Postal Service

Monique Morrissey Economic Policy Institute
Postal services should be expanded for the public good, not diminished by special interests


Unions Predict a Great Awakening during a Biden Presidency

Megan Cassella Politico
Union leaders hope Biden will be able to enact policies to reinvigorate the labor movement, bringing in more members, money, and political influence while dramatically expanding collective bargaining rights and protections from workplace abuse.


865,000 Women Left the Workforce Last Month

Chabeli Carrazana The 19th
Overall, 661,000 jobs were added in the U.S. labor force between August and September — but women still left it at alarming numbers.


Imagining a World With No Bullshit Jobs

David Graeber, Chris Brooks Roar
Author David Graeber passed away several days ago. We are reprinting this interview with him about his book, "Bullshit Jobs: A Theory
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