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Former Koch Agents, Staffing Trump's Federal Agencies

Steve Horn DeSmog
As DeSmog has previously reported, the Trump transition team was loaded with Koch-tied operatives, many from the Institute for Energy Research, a Koch-funded group which helped carve out the Trump White House's energy policy. Mike Catanzaro, a former Koch lobbyist, serves as Trump's top White House energy aide.

Koch Brothers could make $100 Billion from Keystone XL pipeline

Kevin Grandia The CommonSenseCanadian
A new study released today concludes that Koch Industries and its subsidiaries stand to make as much as $100 billion in profits if the controversial Keystone XL pipeline is given the go-ahead by U.S. President Obama. The report is called the "Billionaires’ Carbon Bomb: The Koch Brothers and the Keystone XL Pipeline."

The Scariest Man in America

Paul Buchheit Common Dreams
Scary because ... over 100 bills introduced in 2013, backed by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and heavily funded by the Kochs, seek to drive down wages, benefits, and worker rights.
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