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Class, Empathy, and the Green New Deal

John Russo Working Class Perspectives
To build a just and inclusive movement to fight climate change and overcome past environmental classism, we need empathy, shared values, and organizing. This is what the Green New Deal promotes.

Earth Day, Labor, and Me

Joe Uehlein z-net
When it comes to the environment, organized labor has two hearts beating within a single breast.


World Climate Crisis and Organized Labor

Joe Uehlein and Jeremy Brecher, Rebecca Burns
With atmospheric carbon dioxide levels having reached the 400 ppm point - way above the 350 ppm considered to be the upper limit for avoiding environmental catastrophe - organized labor is struggling with the tension between the immediate need for jobs in a crisis-ridden economy and the perils to humanity's future of avoiding the sacrifices required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The following two articles discuss those tensions from different angles.
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