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The Labor Movement Includes Nonprofit Workers, Too

In this op-ed, CJ Garcia-Linz, president of Progressive Workers Union, argues for nonprofits like the ones they represent – including the Sierra Club – live their values with their staff unions.

Welcome to the Cancer Factory

Jim Morris The Progressive
The United States says it cares about blue-collar workers, but the worker protections in place tell a different story.


How We Move Forward Together: The Rank & File Project

Abdullah F., Cyn Huang, and Marsha Niemeijer Convergence
By recruiting young radicals to the labor movement, the Rank & File Project hopes to build the base for a politics that can unify the working class around shared interests, & prioritize solidarity & workers’ rights within the workplace & outside it.


How Can Workers Organize Against Capital Today?

Benjamin Y. Fong Catalyst
John Womack’s labor strategy is about workers finding the capacity to "wound capital to make it yield anything.” But the massive challenge in today’s deindustrialized economy is locating where that leverage actually lies.

King Dream Rooted in Labor’s Rising

Bob Hennelly InsiderNJ
This Martin Luther King Day comes just weeks after a year that’s been dubbed ‘the year of the strike’ because in 2023 there were well over 300 such work stoppages involving 450,000 union workers willing to take the risk of walking out . . .

Wages and Prices: Who Is Keeping Up With What?

Dean Baker Center for Economic and Policy Research
Since President Biden took office, the media have run a constant stream of news stories about how high various prices were and telling their audiences that this has led to mass suffering.
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