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The Shared Struggle of Iranian Women and African Americans

Piruz Alemi and Gregory N. Heires The New Crossroads
The far reach of the Iranian and U.S. struggles for freedom is a testament to the tenacity and resistance of both Iranian and African American women against master-slave relations.

55 Years On, We Still Need the Spirit of May 1968

Ken Livingstone Morning Star
Although May ’68 itself failed to deliver a revolution, the lessons of the era – alliance-building by including liberation struggles outside of socialism – shaped my later time in power.

Speak Freedom

Rick Ayers Medium
We need new ideas, new creativity, and new language that is equal to the challenges before us.

The Legacy of Frantz Fanon

Hamza Hamouchene counterpunch
Fanon was not a Marxist but he strongly believed that capitalism with imperialism and its divisions enslave people. His precocious diagnosis of the incapability of the nationalist elites in fulfilling their historical mission demonstrates the continuing relevance of Fanon’s thought today.
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