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Justice for Scotland's Miners and the Great Strike's Legacy Today

Morning Star
With confidence in capitalism at a low ebb and millions challenging Thatcher’s legacy, small wonder her heirs refuse to shed light on the savagery used against those who first resisted neoliberalism. The truth of the miners’ strike must be exposed.


The Long Shadow Of The British Miners' Strike

Paul Dean
Documentary film of the 1984-85 British miners' strike that ended in defeat. This was a great victory for the Conservative Party of Margaret Thatcher and a monumental event in the union history of the British working class.

Margaret Thatcher is dead - now the inquest must begin on her life and influence

Paul Routledge Mirror
She changed everything, and for millions it was change for the worse. There was nothing like her before, and there has been nothing like her since. Thank God.If anyone is inclined to remind me one should not speak ill of the dead, let me remind them she had nothing good to say about us while she was alive.

Bursting the Thatcher Bubble

David Corn Mother Jones
Margaret Thatcher is dead. The powerful will praise her, the rest of us will not. " in the aftermath of the demise of the Iron Lady, the first woman to become a British prime minister is generally being lauded from the US right and the middle as a hero for her country and the globe. This Thatcher bubble will not last forever."
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