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Reflections on the Victorious Hunger Strike - In first statement since end of hunger strike, Marwan Barghouti celebrates ‘the victory of the strike of freedom and dignity’

Marwan Barghouti; Allison Deger Mondoweiss
Barghouti’s statement, posted to social media around noon EST in Arabic. The letter lauds gains from the strike, including increased family visits, more clothing, special unnamed services for female and child prisoners, expedited transfers and, most importantly, the establishment of a collective bargaining committee where Israeli prison authorities will 'dialogue with the prisoners’ representatives in the forthcoming few days to discuss all issues without exception.'*

Palestinians Take Hope from Robben Island

Fatima Asmal, Shannon Ebrahim Aljazeera, Guardian and Mail
"This gives us hope that the same story of ending apartheid in South Africa will also happen in Palestine - that the occupation will end."
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