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The Perfectionist Tradition

William P. Jones Dissent
The African American perfectionists offered “faith” instead of “hope”—emphasizing the struggle to realize a vision of justice rather than passive assurance that it would prevail.

Getting High Has Gone Legit — Funny How That All Worked Out…

Joe Maniscalco Work-Bites
The 2018 Farm Bill okayed the production of hemp, removed it from the DEA's list of Controlled Substances and changed the marijuana landscape — that doesn’t erase criminalization’s disastrous impact on the working class.

Cash Bail Is an Abomination of Justice. We Should Get Rid of It

Mansa Musa interview with David Gaspar Real News Network
The blunt fact about the cash bail system in the US is that it creates a two-tier system of “justice” in which the presumption of innocence is denied to people who have not been convicted of anything but the “crime” of being poor.
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