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The World’s Best Mayor Is a French Communist

David Broder interviews Philippe Rio Jacobin
Philippe Rio from Grigny, south of Paris, has been voted the world’s best mayor. He told Jacobin about the local social programs that have made his Communist administration a global success story

Are Upcoming ICE Raids Also Targeting Black Mayors?

Charles Ellison the BE note
ICE agents arresting immigrant man While the political motivation behind these ICE raids is obviously a strategy to encourage Trump’s core supporter base, the less obvious strategy is to also further disrupt and exacerbate tensions within the Democrats’ core base, as well.

'Chuy' Garcia for Mayor of Chicago

The Chicago Teachers Union says enough of closed schools, red light cameras, privatization, mandatory sentencing minimums, closed libraries and mental health clinics. Money does not vote. People do. And the people support Jesus 'Chuy' Garcia for mayor.

De Blasio's Opportunity: A Local Attack on Inequality

David Callahan Demos
The truth is that many good ideas for tackling New York's near-record inequality and promoting opportunity are sitting on the drawing board. All that's been missing is a mayor interested in such ideas.
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