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A Working-Class Christmas Story Christmas

Kathy M. Newman Working Class Perspectives
For one season, American capitalism lies to us about what it values. The American Christmas Movie promises us that love matters more than money, that cruel bosses are bad but also lonely, that family togetherness is more important than the perfect dinner. The Christmas Movie business exploits our desire to believe this, but we do – and we should.


On the Frontline of the Meme Wars

Mary Fitzgerald Prospect
This book, writes reviewer Fitzgerald, is a "rigorous, meticulously detailed narrative of how right-wing internet subcultures came to dominate US media and politics—and 'memed' Trump into office."

Incarceration on TV Is Nothing Like the Prison Where I Live

Christopher Blackwell The Progressive
As sensational shows like ‘60 Days In‘ return this fall, so does one of television’s favorite tropes: the scary, evil-doing prisoner. howcasing the most unstable of the incarcerated population spreads the false narrative that everyone in prison is a lost cause.
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