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Tidbits - February 8, 2018 - Reader Comments: Nunes Memo; Puerto Rico; Union Membership; Medicare for All; Teaching Slavery; Antonio Gramsci; Trump's Military Parade - in song; Olympic Truce Actions; Scholarships for Young Activists; and more ....

Reader Comments: Nunes Memo - Big Dud; Puerto Rico - many still without power; Union Membership Growth...Amidst Decline; Medicare for All - Canadian Readers Tell Their Story; Teaching Slavery; Antonio Gramsci; Trump's Military Parade - in song; Olympic Truce Actions; Cuba's Historic Literacy Campaign; The Puerto Rican Socialist Party; Scholarships for Young Activists; 50th Anniversary of the Orangeburg Massacre; and more....

Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare For All’

Daniel Marans Huffington Post
Online Town Hall Draws Over 1 Million Live Viewers. The Vermont senator delighted in circumventing the television networks.

The Genius of Bernie’s Gradualism

Harold Meyerson The American Prospect
Sanders’s Medicare for All bill is built on the understanding that revolutions take time.

Tidbits - Sept 7, 2017 - Reader Comments: Long Arc of Protest; DACA; KKK Terror; Differing views: How Should We Protest Neo-Nazis; Health Plan that We Need; Spam Filtering; Healthcare Growing - Workers Not Sharing; Children's Book to get; Announcements; a

Reader Comments: The Long Arc of Protest; DACA; Korea; KKK Terror; Differing views: How Should We Protest Neo-Nazis; Fukushima Leak; The Health Plan that We Need, With No Copays; Spam Filtering is a free speech issue; Resources: Healthcare Sector is Growing, But Workers Aren't Sharing; Children's Book Celebrating Labor Movement; Anti-BDS legislation impacts You; Announcements: Conversation: "The Color of Law"; 60 Years of Peace Action; and Union Day of Action - Oct. 19

What Is Single-Payer Healthcare and Why Is It So Popular?

Alicia Adamczyk Time
Single payer would simplify all of this by largely cutting out the insurance and pharmaceutical companies and untethering coverage from your job. The losers are those middlemen, like private insurance companies, that make the current system so frustrating to navigate and politically fraught. Also, much to the dismay of the wealthiest households, their taxes would increase the most of any group.

Amid GOP Attacks on Health Care, the Movement for Single Payer Is Growing

MIchelle Chen Truthout
The Trump-induced health crisis could become an unforeseen opportunity for single-payer advocates: it just might spur a mass movement for a comprehensive government-run plan liberated from insurance markets and providing free, equal access, regardless of health or economic status.

How to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare Today? Use Medicare

Robert C. Hockett The Hill
I have a very simple, even modest, proposal, one that offers us means both of having the cake and of eating it too. Why not, in the very same legislation that repeals ObamaCare, instantly entitle all who lose their insurance coverage under the ACA immediately to enroll in Medicare? The enrollment might be permanent, and at the prices that Medicare currently costs its participants, or it might be simply until such time as a viable replacement for ObamaCare is found . . .
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