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The Chained CPI: A Zombie Benefit Cut Still Walks

Michael Hiltzik Los Angeles Times
The chained CPI has risen to walk among us again in the muttering and jawboning around the government shutdown/debt limit standoff and the search for an exit. We're hearing again about a "grand bargain" on the government deficit -- never mind that the deficit is falling, not rising.

Defend Democracy

AFL-CIO Policy Director Damon Silvers AFL-CIO Now

Fulfilling the Promise of Medicare

Rep. John Conyers and Robert Weissman Huffington Post
Nearly five decades after its enactment, here's what we know: Medicare saves money by eliminating all the waste associated with the for-profit insurance industry. And Medicare provides coverage to everyone eligible. In stark contrast, the for-profit insurers condition care on ability to pay ... and then still try to deny care to those who have paid.

Double Whammy - A Grim Jobs Picture & a Horrible "Grand Bargain" Move

Carl Bloice, Black Commentator Editorial Board Black Commentator
First, a terrible jobs report, then a Democratic President offers a budget that proposes cuts to Social Security and Medicare. What they actually heard was Austerity 2013 - U.S. style. President Obama's offering up a cut in Social Security (make no mistake, that's what it is) contravenes promises he has previously made about not undermining the program and a recent flat out pledge by Vice-President Joe Biden that it would not happen.

Dinner Date

Jackie Calmes and Robrt Pear New York Times
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