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A Job Engine Sputters As Hospitals Cut Staff

Paul Davidson and Barbara Hansen USA Today
Are hospitals cutting jobs because of sequestions cuts to medicare reimbursement rates? The American Hospital Association cites this as well as the recession as reasons for job cuts.

The Chained CPI: A Zombie Benefit Cut Still Walks

Michael Hiltzik Los Angeles Times
The chained CPI has risen to walk among us again in the muttering and jawboning around the government shutdown/debt limit standoff and the search for an exit. We're hearing again about a "grand bargain" on the government deficit -- never mind that the deficit is falling, not rising.

Defend Democracy

AFL-CIO Policy Director Damon Silvers AFL-CIO Now

Fulfilling the Promise of Medicare

Rep. John Conyers and Robert Weissman Huffington Post
Nearly five decades after its enactment, here's what we know: Medicare saves money by eliminating all the waste associated with the for-profit insurance industry. And Medicare provides coverage to everyone eligible. In stark contrast, the for-profit insurers condition care on ability to pay ... and then still try to deny care to those who have paid.

Double Whammy - A Grim Jobs Picture & a Horrible "Grand Bargain" Move

Carl Bloice, Black Commentator Editorial Board Black Commentator
First, a terrible jobs report, then a Democratic President offers a budget that proposes cuts to Social Security and Medicare. What they actually heard was Austerity 2013 - U.S. style. President Obama's offering up a cut in Social Security (make no mistake, that's what it is) contravenes promises he has previously made about not undermining the program and a recent flat out pledge by Vice-President Joe Biden that it would not happen.

Dinner Date

Jackie Calmes and Robrt Pear New York Times
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