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Why a 4-Day Workweek Is on the Table for Autoworkers

Andrea Hsu
As wild as a 4-day workweek might sound, UAW leader Shawn Fain is pushing a concept that has captured the imagination of workers all over the world, thanks to widely publicized trials. Microsoft ran a month-long pilot in Japan with positive results.


Video Game Testers Approve the First Union at Microsoft

Ayana Archie NPR
A group of video game testers at Microsoft have formed the tech giant's first union, and Microsoft has signed off on it, according to Communications Workers of America, which represents the employees.


Microsoft Gets Its First Gaming Union, Largest in North America

Shannon Liao The Washington Post
The gaming industry has seen a wave of unionization efforts in recent years. Quality assurance testers at ZeniMax Studios pushed to unionize, saying labor issues such as low wages and long hours drove them to organize.
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