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The US Has Military Bases in 80 Countries. All of Them Must Close.

Alice Slater The Nation
US bases are wreaking havoc to the health and well-being of communities across the world. The United States has approximately 800 formal military bases in 80 countries, a number that could exceed 1,000 if you count troops stationed at embassies and missions and so-called “lily-pond” bases, with some 138,000 soldiers stationed around the globe.

Tidbits - January 11, 2018 - Reader Comments: Puerto Rican Foreclosures; Israel - Teens Refuse New Ban on BDS Supporters; Pensions; Second Amendment; Jim Crow history; Women's March 2018 - January 20; and more.....

Reader Comments: Puerto Rican Foreclosures; Israeli Teens Refuse Army; Israel Bans BDS Supporters; Worker Safety; Pension; Free Market; Settler Colonialism and the Second Amendment; Nuclear Testing; Pollution from U.S. Military Bases - in our country; U.S. history - Jim Crow South; Record Numbers Visit Cuba last year (from the U.S.); Women's March 2018 - January 20; Resources, Announcements; and more.....

The Polluter Is Not Paying

H. Patricia Hynes Portside
Wars may end, bases may close, but our toxic military footprint remains as a poisonous legacy for future generations.

Atoning for Washington’s ‘Mass Kidnapping’ in the Indian Ocean

Davis Vine Foreign Policy in Focus
Between 1968 and 1973, the two governments concealed the expulsion from the world. If anyone asked, Anglo-American officials decided to “maintain the fiction that the inhabitants of Chagos” were “transient contract workers,” as one bureaucrat explained. A British official called the Chagossians “Tarzans” and “Man Fridays,” in a tellingly racist reference to Robinson Crusoe.

The US Military's Best-Kept Secret

Nick Turse TomDisptach
How many US military bases are there in Africa? For years, US Africa Command gave a stock response: one. Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti was America's only acknowledged "base" on the continent. Research by TomDispatch indicates that in recent years the US military has, in fact, developed a remarkably extensive network of more than 60 outposts and access points in Africa. These bases, camps, compounds, port facilities, fuel bunkers, and other sites are in at least 34 countries
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