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Segregation Academies Still Exist

Christopher Young LA Progressive
Despite the law of the land, lawmakers find workarounds to maintain segregation funding through charter schools

A Deep South Governor’s Race To Watch

Ben Jealous Trice Edney Wire News
Presley has a story beyond his kinship with Elvis. He was raised by a single mom who worked in a garment factory after his father was murdered. He tells working-class voters that they should see their names on the ballot when they see his.

Returning to Laurel

Jonathan Odell The Progressive
A feel-good HGTV show sweeps a Southern town’s racist past, and gentrified present, under the rug.

Friday Nite Videos | March 18, 2022

Top 10 Nuclear Close Calls. Is This Kid the Future of Blues Guitar? Gamestop: Rise of the Players | Movie. Misguided Protests of Russian Restaurants in NYC. Hunting for Missing Women the Media Ignores.
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